Roof vents play a vital role in the health of your roof system. They serve two main purposes, firstly, to remove Summer heat, and secondly, to remove Winter moisture.

remove Summer Heat

Proper soffit ventilation allows cool air to enter the attic space, replacing the warm air that rises out of the roof vents
Your attic should be close to the same temperature as the outside temperature

Remove Winter moisture

During the winter months, heat from your home can build up in the attic space. As it cools, it can become frosty inside the attic, which in turn condenses on warm spring days and can soak your insulation and ceilings.
If you have noticed icicles or a drip coming from inside your soffit, it may be a frost/moisture issue related to poor attic ventilation


Duraflow Pro Turbo

117 Sq.in. of net free area
Extreme weather protection
No Maintenance required
High performance airflow
Internal baffle system
Wind, Snow, Rain, UV, Crush and Dent resistant
35 year limited warranty.
UV and Cold resistant down to -40 C
Stays active even in deep snow, keeping your attic free of moisture during winter months (Provided adequate soffit ventilation is present).

Duraflow 6050 Square top

50 Sq.in. of net free area
UV Resistant polypropylene
Angled for efficient water deflection
15 year limited warranty
Cold impact resistant to -40 C
It is possible that this type of vent can get buried under snow during winter months, at a time when it is most crucial to have good ventilation and air flow to prevent moisture build up.

Additional venting options are available

When selecting shingles that are boasting up to 30 years of use, choosing to install a roof vent that only has a 15 year warranty may not make sense. We suggest, for the most part, having Pro Turbo vents installed on your roof for Manitoba weather.